Youtube Partner Program Agreement

With this data in hand, you are definitely interested in being on this platform and getting the most out of it for your content marketing initiatives. We recommend that you become a YouTube partner. What is the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) anyway? This program gives developers the opportunity to access more features and resources on the platform. First, you need to know if you meet the requirements to team up with the YPP: before you decide to be a YouTube partner, you need to know if you meet the requirements that all YouTube channels that want to join the program must meet. You are: This section applies to users who provide content to the Service. It defines the scope of permissions you grant when uploading your content and includes your consent not to upload anything that violates the rights of others. Important updates: We will notify you in writing if we make any changes that may affect you. If you do not agree to the amended terms, you may stop using the relevant feature or terminate your agreement with us. When monetizing on YouTube, it`s important that your channel follows YouTube`s monetization guidelines. These include the YouTube Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Google AdSense Program Policies. They apply to anyone who wants to participate in or apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

Repetitive content refers to channels where the content is so similar that viewers may find it difficult to tell the difference between videos on the same channel. This policy is based on the Search Console portion of the AdSense Program Rules. We like it in a context that is more relevant to creators. Flexibility for your brand: YouTube doesn`t have rules for sites where its partners decide to upload content. Therefore, with the help of a non-exclusive agreement, each partner can monetize their videos on the platform and other websites. Follow YouTube`s monetization guidelines. These guidelines tell you what to do to make money with the content you upload to the platform. Remember, you need to have an AdSense account.

You`ll be prompted to link an AdSense account to receive payments. How can you link it? Here you will find a brief overview of the various important guidelines. Be sure to read each policy carefully, as these instructions are used to verify that a channel is suitable for monetization. Our reviewers regularly review that monetization channels comply with these guidelines. Learn more about how we apply our policies. This section describes our relationship with you. It contains a description of the service, defines our agreement and names your service provider. Important Updates: If you are a parent or guardian of a user under the age of 18, you are subject to the terms of this Agreement and are responsible for your child`s activities on the Service by allowing your child to use the Service.

You can find tools and resources to help you manage your family`s experience on YouTube in our Help Center and through Google`s family link. This section explains how you and YouTube can end this relationship. Important Updates: Your use of the Service is subject to these Terms, the YouTube Community Guidelines, and the Guidelines, Security and Copyright Policies (collectively, the „Agreement“). Your agreement with us also includes YouTube Advertising Guidelines when you provide advertising or sponsorship for the Service or include paid promotions in your Content. Accept the terms, and you will then see a green „Done“ in this field. .