Sinhala Word For Loan Agreement

If you`re so good as to borrow something? You should then be familiar with the contract that dictates the terms of this loan. Your credit agreement will inform you of the responsibilities and expectations of both lenders and borrowers. Do you want us to draw up a credit agreement for you? Or do you have questions about credit agreements? Do not hesitate to contact us. The analysis of this article is unfortunately not supported. It is necessary to try to associate each word with words found in old sources (e.g. inscriptions.B. Inscriptions, Sigiri Griffiti for elu, etc.) and words to DATIER before they are assigned to a starting language (specifying references) – there is also a lot of work for dating Tamil words. Indeed, much of this article as it is is is fundamentally questionable. Is Tamil used as a generic name? Doesn`t the author distinguish between Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada words? What about the words Oriya? The words Prakrit and Sanskrit have entered many languages independently of one another. So what we have here is a dangerous and frantic exercise [The author may know the history of the Hampton Bridge“ in Chennai and how it became the „Barber`s Bridge,“ a story that the linguistics people of the Tamil department at The University of Madras like to tell. What about many Elect words that are not found in southern or northern India, but in SL and ancient Middle Eastern sources? Or does he put it all in the same bag as Tamil? To correct this article, it will take a lot of effort. Bodhi dhana 04:43, 17 April 2007 (UTC)Bodhi_dhanaBodhi dhana 04:43, 17.

April 2007 (UTC) I would like to learn Sinhala more, but here I don`t have the resources – if you have resources that could help me, I would be more than grateful. My email is on my talk page. –Lee1983 12:00, 10 July 2006 (UTC) On another topic, I don`t like the way Tamil words are currently transcribed – it is worth distinguishing between „d“ and „t“; and „dh“ and „th“ or even better placed in Tamil characters with an English subtitle underneath. Sinhalese need to stay as they are, as there isn`t really any support with Unicode fonts. Lee1983 09:25, 10 May 2007 (UTC) A credit agreement with clear terms and repayment policies can help save personal relationships. Otherwise, it could be marred by misunderstandings about money. In the list below, Tamil words are romanized according to Tamil spelling. This results in apparent discrepancies in intonation between Sinhala words and their Tamil counterparts. However, the Sinhalese obligations proceeded on the basis of the sound of Tamil words; Thus, the word ampalam, [ambalam], logically gives the Sinhalese spelling ambalama and so on. However, the Tamil language used here for comparison is Tamil, as is said in Sri Lanka.

I removed komaḍu „watermelon“ because it is not derived from Tamil kommagothiquei „a kind of pickle“, but from Sanskrit kuṣmāmāḍaka „a kind of pickle“ according to Geiger, Sinhalese Grammatic, § 70 (2). The word Tamil is probably associated with the Sanskrit word, perhaps even Dravidic, but the derivative of the Sinhalese term from Sanskrit is 100% in accordance with established sound modification laws. Krankman 16:58, September 26, 2006 (UTC) Okay. I have reviewed the list. A few deleted, some added. I have a lot of other things to add, but after spending three hours doing it, I have to take care of some real tasks. I will add my stuff (which I have collected for years) over time. Anyone who wants to add words but doesn`t know the right transcription just fits into normal characters and I take care of the transcription and alphabetical order….