Canine Country Club Boarding Agreement

Do you have a larger dog or more than one large pet? We have 4 standard club houses and 4 clubs with terraces that measure 5x6ft. We reserve them at our discretion for guests who need the extra space. Maximum 2 large dogs or 3 small/medium dogs per clubhouse (150lb maximum weight). Puppy prepas program and additional requirements: (for our dogs under 6 months) 3 months – 2 DHPP, 1. of the K9 4 month flu series – DHPP series completed, Bordetella, 1st of K9 Influenza, rabies 5 months – DHPP series completed, Bordetella, series 1st or complete of the K9 flu, Bordetella rabies – There are three ways to administer Bordetella`s vaccine: intranasal (in the nose), intravenously (by bullet) and orally (in the mouth). Puppies can receive their first vaccination at the age of 8 weeks. It is recommended to vaccinate all dogs at least one week before boarding. Your dog sleeps comfortably on a lamb`s wool blanket in a suite designed for the most demanding dog. The walls between our guests` rooms offer your dog maximum security and privacy.

Each accommodation is disinfected throughout the day to ensure that our guests enjoy a clean and healthy environment. We offer high kuranda cots or Kennel decks in every clubhouse. You can bring your dog`s bed or ceiling to make him feel at home, as well as any toys or treats he needs to have during his stay. To protect you, your pets and our employees, we have concluded the following agreement with our customers. Please take the time to read and understand this agreement. You are requested to sign this agreement before boarding your dog. It`s short, simple and to the point. The quintessence is that we want your pets to be as safe as possible while they are in our care. For that, we need your help! Staupe – Staupe may appear in your recordings like this or in a combo record like DHPP or DHLPP. These shots cover mute, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus. A number of shots are given like a puppy, and then it`s an annual booster. For your special canine friends, we offer spacious accommodation with a raised parterre with lamb`s wool blankets and TVs.

Game time packages are required. Casitas are a nice comfortable place for your dog to enjoy some peace and quiet. No puppies. Our professional groomers offer a variety of traditional and special care services to make your pet look good and feel good. See you today! Don`t have enough? 30 extra minutes of play – $10 You can pay someone to do a job, but you can`t pay them to take care of it. We only hire compassionate and attentive collaborators and have a ratio of 10-12 dogs per team member so that each guest receives the individual attention they deserve. We recommend providing your dog`s normal food – either in individual baggies per meal or just enough in a large Ziplock bag or two for his stay…