America Makes Membership Agreement

America ( focuses on accelerating additive manufacturing technologies for the U.S. manufacturing sector and improving the competitiveness of domestic manufacturing: the $322 million financing value consists of a combination of public costs and a share of America Macht`s costs. The funds will help America Makes expand its mission, accelerate the introduction of additive manufacturing. This will focus in particular on the areas of materials, design, education and community in additive manufacturing. In the future, America Makes has identified the roadmaps developed as a guide and identified specific areas on which it will focus in the near future, including am materials room, am design (DfAM), education and staff, its affiliate community and am ecosystem, as well as the extension of the satellite center model. We offer three levels of membership with invaluable benefits for each level. Today, our community is more than 180 years strong and growing. The agreement invites America Makes, part of the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, to continue to use its public-private model and improve it to strengthen and refine the Institute`s effectiveness. YOUNGSTOWN — America Makes, the national additive manufacturing accelerator in Youngstown, has signed a new seven-year, $322 million contract with the Air Research Laboratory to continue The Mission of America Makes. In addition, the agreement will also support the Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), which sponsors America Makes and focuses on cross-cutting defence requirements. The Institute will directly support manufacturing technology needs for OSD Research And Engineering`s modernization priorities, including hyper-sound, cyber and machine learning. The following graph describes the different levels of membership available with the corresponding benefits: „The new CA certainly means a high degree of AFRL confidence in America Makes, our collaboration and additive research and development projects whose results are beginning to have a real impact on the industry, particularly for the defence industry and its supply chain,“ added Wilczynski.

Much of this success is directly related to what I consider to be our greatest achievement to date, and it is the overcoming of the direct competitiveness of businesses in our community. The Intellectual Property Directive (IP), which we established as part of the Joint IP Address Agreement, was instrumental in what our community of members was able to achieve together.